Raid YOUR Closet

We Want to Raid YOUR Closet!

We deliver a modern resale experience and provide a convenient way to shop and clean out your closet (and get some cash).

1. Receive Your Closet Raid Bag

Let us know you need a Closet Raid Bag and we'll mail you a bag for Free. Fill it with those gently used treasures you no longer need or wear.

2. Mail us your Closet Raid Bag

The Closet Raid Bag is already labeled and you can drop it off at any nearby USPS.

3. The Rest is On Us

After items are received and inspected, we offer either cash or shopping credit and give your items a second life. 

Let US help YOU Clean Out Your Closet (and positively impact our world by reducing waste)

Contact Information to Receive a Closet Raid Bag: