Who Runs The Closet?

My job lost me due to COVID in April 2020. My daughter, Francesca (then 12) said, "Mom, why don't you look into thrifting like Jayci is doing?" I pondered a few moments and went to work. 

Francesca designed the logo, selected the company colors, and approved all marketing materials. 

Francesca's Ritzy Closet debuted at a Midnight Madness Live! on July 31st on Thrifting Atlanta and the rest is HERstory!

Francesca's Ritzy Closet is a family effort:

De'Shawn & Gregory (my amazing sons) are on IT - answering your comments during our Live!s

Francesca (President and daughter) is our Vanna White Black handling garments during our Live!s

D.J. Sadio (sister) is on the 1s and 2s as well as our stunning model and phenomenal Admin.

Queen Eloise (my Mom) is the studio audience and fashion commentator.

Baxter (11 pound Yorkie) is our brawny security team.

And, of course, YOU, our guest - our main drive in doing all we do.

Looking Forward to Shopping With You!